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Plumbing Company Testimonials in Garland, TX

Very fast service after calling them in the AM they arrived in the afternoon. Pretty fair pricing and the gentleman that came was very personable and answered any questions my husband had. Will definitely use them again !

- Pamela J.
Speake's replaced the faucets in a old shower (circa 1955), unclogged the drain, replaced the sink hardware and the shower head in another bathroom. They even had to removed some of the vintage tile to install the new shower faucet. They were extremely careful and did a great job for an extremely reasonable price. Excellent, excellent experience!! I had requested an estimate from another plumber who told me (without looking at the house) that the job would take 3 times longer and cost 4 times as much as Speake's. . I'm so glad I used Speake's. Definitely will recommend to all my friends.

- Lyn B.
I was delighted this morning to hear a strong rainstorm with water pouring on my kitchen window. BUT it was not rain. It was a busted water spigot. Yelp is not just for food reviews. I immediately found Speake's Plumbing and read the outstanding reviews, so I called Speake's. This could have been a very complex and expensive repair that would have involved immense damage to my siding. But plumbing genius Garlan made a replacement with a special kit he had in his truck. The whole issue was resolved in less than 20 minutes after his arrival and it only cost $189. God answered my prayers with Speake's plumbing. In addition to the comfort and trust Speake's provided, Garlan was personable, professional and knew his trade. $189 is a bargain what could have been catastrophic flooding and damage. I would recommend Speake's over any plumbing company in the Metroplex.

- Rex M.
Once again you guys have proven to be the very best plumbing company we've ever used! You guys perfect the family friendly yet very professionally run business! We've used you many times our self and refer you to our customers and friends and always get a thank you for referring you! Late afternoon yesterday our hot water tank sprang a leak and soaked our hall carpet. We called Speaks and Rusty was great to tell us exactly what we needed to do and he called another company out (Dry Force) to soak up the water and set their equipment up to dry the carpet correctly over the next 3-5 days. Dry Force was here within the hour and worked the next 4.5 hours doing everything exactly by code and did an excellent job! Seemed very scientific with all their meters and gadgets! Kasey from Speaks was out first thing this morning to replace our tank. Unfortunately our home warranty company doesn't cover "Hot water tank leaks"!! But Speaks took care of everything and Kasey was quick and thorough in putting it in. Very happy with them! What a great company to work with!

- Debora G.
Very quick service. Had to power auger drain lines. Finally broke through whatever was backing up the sewage. We've used Speake's for a long time and they are still our go-to. Again impressed and thankful for their service. After unclogging, they even went the extra step to add recommendations to the service bill... "Add chicken wire on vents, no ultra toilet paper, wipes, or other products in the toilets." Labor was under one hundred per hour and twenty f|ve dollar service call.

- Ashley S.
We called speakes to snake the main line on the roof. Due to my working hours I had a friend sit at my house and wait for speakes to arrive. When I called speakes originally I did tell them exactly what I want. But I didn't tell the friend who was waiting what they were supposed to do. Speakes arrives on time and due to a break down in communication they just snaked the bath tub. I call them and tell them of the error. And they came back out. Snaked the roof. Very happy with the service. Honest people and I appreciate that. Highly recommend speakes plumbing.

- Ashley D.
Hot water heater went out Sunday night ... Speake's came Monday Morning! I saw the great reviews on Yelp, remember seeing their truck around town and called in soon after they opened at 7am -- what a relief to know that a great plumber was on the way with a new water heater. They were very polite, explained what they needed to do and were very clean. The part of the garage with the water heater looked even cleaner after they left. I was impressed with the tidy job of pipes and hoses in our hot water closet and also that they went into the attic to verify that the venting was correct. I also appreciated that he showed me how to turn on the water heater and what to do if we ever needed to turn it off. And all of this for a reasonable price. I'm glad I called Speake's!

- Janet U.
Very friendly and prompt plumbing service. Used to repair our hot water heater twice and they had a plumber at our house within a couple hours of our phone call both times. Rates are reasonable. Plumber polite, knowledgeable and thorough.

- Christy H.
We only call Speakes Plumbing for our house and my mother's house. They have taken care of water heaters, foundation leaks, gas lines, and water lines. All the crews have been knowledgeable and efficient. Even though no weekend service is available, they have always been quick to respond to our needs. Lucas, Casey, or Lee are always friendly and professional. They also take the time to explain to us everything neede. They are also well respected by city inspectors that follow up when permits are needed. Highly recommend them!

- Patricia W.